Happy National Burger Day! Look Beyond Beef and Try These 6 Burger Recipes with a Difference

Burgers Recipe

Today, August 24th, marks National Burger Day, but before you start your plan of action to assemble the ultimate at home burger we urge you to think beyond beef.

We have recipes that celebrate lobster, crispy halloumi and chicken smothered in a katsu curry sauce, so you’ve no excuse not bring the burger revolution to your own kitchen.

Take your pick from these six tempting burger recipes and serve up a mouthwatering burger with a twist for National Burger Day.

Halloumi Burger Recipe

halloumi burgers recipe

The halloumi in this burger recipe from The Modern Dairy Cookbook toasts up beautifully with crispy golden edges and a gooey inside that holds its shape. It is, however, a salty cheese, so these burgers are designed to play on its strengths, while adding in a touch of sweet-sourness to balance out its saline character. And they’re dead easy, mid-week supper material.

Chicken and Tarragon Burgers

Chicken and Tarragon Burgers Recipe with Sumac Grilled Asparagus from The Flourishing Pantry

For this burger recipe from The Flourishing Pantry there’s no need for egg or breadcrumbs, just the chicken, garlic and onions brought together with the bittersweet anise flavour of the tarragon. Sumac, an essential in Middle Eastern cooking, adds a tangy, juicy berry flavour to the accompanying asparagus.

Greek Lamb Burger

Greek Lamb Burger Tasty Easy Lamb

This Greek lamb burger recipe by Darina Coffey is the perfect summer treat and is so quick and easy to put together. Deliciously rich lamb works beautifully with fresh mint and black olives to create a juicy burger topped with creamy feta.

Chicken Katsu Curry Burger

Burgers Recipe

Nicola Millbank’s Chicken Katsu Curry Burger Recipe combines two of her favourite things: katsu curry and chicken burgers. Add as much heat to the katsu sauce as you want in the shape of the garam masala, the heat is a nice contrast to the tangy pickled slaw.

Chickpea Burger Recipe

Use whatever bread you like to serve with this chickpea burgers recipe from The Cultured Club Cookbook, even grilled Portobello mushroom ‘buns’ or chargrilled aubergine slices – however you roll!

Lobster Burger

Lobster Burger & Avocado Mousse by Peter Clifford

Peter Clifford’s Lobster Burger with Avocado Mousse is nice with a fresh salad but to really do it justice, it is best served with lovely homemade Chips and chilled, dry white wine – a real summertime smash. Recipe by Peter Clifford.

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