Napa Wine-Infused Coffee is the New Thing we Need in our Lives

Napa Wine-Infused Coffee is the Next New Thing we Need in our Lives

If you’re used to starting your day with a cup of coffee and ending it with a glass of wine, wine-infused coffee might be just the thing you need in between. The unexpected merger is named Molinari Private Reserve (MPR) and comes from Napa Valley, California.

The product is the creation of Molinari Cafe owner Rick Molinari and  John Weaver, master roaster at Wild Card Roasters. As explained on its site, MPR “is the first coffee company to successfully infuse coffee beans with wine”, an achievement which they claim to have taken two years to perfect.

Each regular and decaf blend is made from carefully selected coffee beans that are rehydrated to a specific liquid percentage using a special house made red – created exclusively for Molinari by local Napa wineries – and then dried and roasted. The result is an (alcohol free) rich full-bodied coffee with a blueberry note.

MPR coffee grounds offer a variety of flavor profiles depending on how you prepare them. The wine flavours become more pronounced with the addition of milk, and the blueberry essence grows stronger when using a French press.

MPR is sold online and in several retailers in Napa Valley. From April, it will be available at Feast it Forward, an experiential estate in Napa which combines food, wine, art, music, philanthropy and MPR under one roof.

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