The Nap Café of Our Dreams has Opened in Tokyo

Tokyo is home to many a memorable eatery, with unique themed restaurants based on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, a vampire café and a prison meets haunted house establishment, making the Japanese capital the destination for dining with a difference. Adding to this wacky collection of themes, Tokyo can lay claim to a tempting sounding nap café until the end of this week.

Nescafé Harajuku normally serves up a delicious caffeine-fueled experience as you would expect from one of the world’s most prominent coffee brands. However, to mark World Sleep Day on March 17th, this modern café has been transformed into a time machine to the land of nod – designed to ease you to sleep rather than wake you up with a caffeine hit.

Open until March 26th, the nap café takes the art of slumber very seriously indeed as it has been fitted with 10 state of the art beds, worth an estimated $9000 each. These modern mattresses have been provided courtesy of France Bed Co, who have teamed up with Nescafe to bring us this wonderful concept.

There are a couple of rules for visitors to bear in mind, one dish per person must be purchased and there is a maximum nap time of 2 hours, which seems like a necessary restriction given how tempting those beds sound. To ease guests into sleepy time, they will be offered a complimentary decaf coffee before popping on headphones attached to a personal Sony Walkman loaded with tranquil sax tunes. Of course, once this magnificent experience comes to an end, a cup of the real stuff will be provided to bring guests back to reality and ready to face the world again.

For more information on Nescafé Harajuku click here.

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