Spain’s First Nap Bar Has Opened and It’s Everything We Could Have Dreamed Of

Nap Bar

Sometimes all you need is a sleep, but with today’s busy lifestyle it can be hard to squeeze a power nap into your day.

Madrid has opened a nap bar called Siesta & Go and it’s everything we need in our lives. This Spanish nap bar offers private or shared rooms for patrons to rest their weary heads on.

For just €12-14 an hour, you can rejuvenate your mind and body with a bit of a sleep. If you’re tired but not quite ready to sleep, you can also avail of coffee, newspapers and armchairs in the centre’s lounge area.

Just like hotels, the beds are stripped after each use so you can be assured of crisp sheets.

Siesta & Go is located in Azca, right in the heart of Madrid’s financial district. The beds can be pre-booked but you can also just walk in and avail of one of the 19 available beds.

The company’s website writes that napping is great to help relieve tension, stimulate creativity and improves performance.

Siesta & Go is based on similar bars around the world, including ones in London, Japan and Dubai. We just need one to open in Ireland now.

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