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Cromane Mussels Recipe
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Cromane Mussels Recipe with Smokey Onion and Ancho Chill by Chef Chad Byrne

This Cromane Mussels recipe is something a little different to traditional moules mariniére and is sure to impress your dinner guests as a starter or light main course.


1 centre heart of celery
2 roma tomatos or any deep flavoured tomatoes (the darker and stronger the vine, the fresher and better the tomato, plus you can keep vines to flavour stews!)
5g ancho chilli (get online or Mexican store food court off Liffey Street)
1 red onion,sliced thinly (sprinkle with salt and sugar and leave for ten minutes to break it down and take out the rawness)
70ml rapeseed oil
Smoked sea salt

1kg mussels, washed and beards removed
glass white wine
2 shallots
2 clove crushed garlic
1 spring of thyme


1. In a pot, sautée the shallots in some veg oil, add the thyme after 3 minutes and cook until they are translucent.
2. Add the garlic and sautée for a further minute, then bang up the heat to get a proper sizzle and add the mussels and white wine. Cover with a lid, when the mussels open they are ready and if they don’t open chuck them out.
3. When the mussels have cooled, take them out from the shells and keep the mussel stock liquor as that’s where the gold is, keep 50mls set aside.
4. In a blender, blitz tomato, red onion and ancho chilli with the mussel stock liquor, and pour approx 70ml rapeseed oil in slowly, as you would making a mayonnaise, just to gently emulsify. Pass through a fine mesh sieve, and leave for a few hours for the flavours to set.
5. To serve, heat up but don’t boil the mussel sauce, heat the mussels in mussel juice with a splash of white balsamic vinegar, and plate up as per the picture with some micro herbs – I’ve used bitter and sweet leaves and sprinkled the dish with smoked Maldon sea salt.


Currently the Executive Head Chef at Danú Restaurant in The Brehon, Killarney, Chef Chad Byrne has extensive experience working in renowned establishments such as the Michelin Star restaurant Ristorante Semplice in London, the five star Heritage Golf & Spa Resort in Killenard, The Killarney Park Hotel and The Clarence and Merrion Hotel in Dublin.

Chad was awarded Irish Gastro Chef of the Year in 2012 along with a Gold Medal from Chef Ireland 2012 and has also represented Ireland in the culinary Olympics in Errfurt Germany. Danú Restaurant holds 2 AA Rosettes and Chad runs the kitchen with the ethos of food, focus and fun.

Chad Byrne
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