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Guarding a Passion For The Unusual – The Musgrave Gin Story

Let’s face it, gin is the drink of the summer once again. The crated spirit pairs wonderfully with a number of flavoursome botanicals that can transport the drinker to all manner of fabulous places.

One such place is Africa, home of Musgrave Gin. Their story began in the city of Plymouth on the south coast of Devon, England. Here, Maurice Boon Musgrave decided to depart for Africa and start and new life in 1949.

He wanted to explore the African landscape and get to know its people. With Maurice’s adventure and the beginning of a new family there, Musgrave Gin was infused with the spirit of Maurice’s family and the African roots they formed.

The award-winning artisan gin is celebrated for its notes of cardamom, African ginger and grains of paradise, while the citrus and other spices marry together a tale of flavour spanning a continent.

Simon Musgrave is the founder of Musgrave Gin. She is the granddaughter of Maurice and according to the gin’s website, she is the “guardian of Maurice’s passion for the unusual”.

The Original Musgrave Gin tells is made up of 11 botanicals and tells a story that crosses the continent, with the final product representing a family heritage of trade and adventure that is part of Africa’s history.

With gin being a favourite tipple of the season, Musgrave’s Pink 12 just screams summer fun. Drawing inspiration from the flavours of the original Musgrave gin, their pink gin adds a distinctive feminine touch to the drink.

Simone Musgrave found inspiration for the pink tipple in her favourite flower, the rose, which brings the delights of a bygone era to the present day.

Celebrating the rose as a classic symbol of the romantic past, the pink gin is expertly crafted, much like the Original Musgrave Gin.

Added to the salmon-tinted gin is a “dash of perfume and a splash of romance”, thanks to rose hips which are added during the distilling process.

Gins 'n' Roses - Blushing Tipples to Drink Pink this Spring

Wanting the rose to come to the fore in this gin, the cardamom and juniper are softened to highlight the drink’s pinky flavour. A further infusion of Rosewater adds a subtly exotic flavour to the gin.

Musgrave Gin is created and bottled in South Africa at Hope on Hopkins Distillery. Run by ex-lawyers, Lucy Beard and Leigh Lisk, who abandoned London in a bid to follow the sun.

After falling in love with craft gin in the Mediterranean, the couple found themselves in South Africa.

They refurbished a rundown warehouse, converting it into Cape Town’s first ever distillery. The couple dedicate their lives to the age old process of batch distillation with their two faithful stills, Mildred and Maude.

Together with South African craft distiller, Roger Jorgensen, the pair have formulated Musgrave Gin based on botanicals chosen by Musgrave Gin founder, Simone Musgrave.

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