Murryhill Foods Launch Crumble ‘n’ Crunch Range

Irish owned food company Murryhill Foods have today launched Crumble’n’Crunch, a range of crumbled cheese with complementary toppings designed to enhance salads, and pizza dishes. Crumble’n’Crunch offers many tasty ways to add flavours to a dish; it can be tossed onto fresh leaves to create a delicious healthy salad or sprinkled onto a pizza base for extra texture and flavour.

Already available in 15 SuperValu stores in the Dublin area, founder Aine Kinsella said of the new product range launching nationally, “Crumble’n’Crunch is a great way to quickly put together a healthy and tasty meal with the best ingredients”.

Eighteen months in research and development, there are currently three products in the Crumble’n’Crunch range. Each pack serves up two tasty portions, reducing waste for the consumer as there is no need to purchase too much cheese that may not be used. The packaging is totally re-sealable.

Murryhill Foods has participated in the Bord Bia, Enterprise Ireland and Teagasc Food Works programme run for food entrepreneurs, and won the ‘Innovation in Food Award’ in JumpStart 2015.

There are three choices in the Crumble’n’Crunch range:
· Crumbled goats cheese with Beetroot & Walnut Crumb RRP €3.80
· Crumbled mature cheddar cheese with Maple, bacon and oat crumb. RRP €3
· Crumbled mozzarella, red cheddar, white cheddar and parmesan with seasoned crispy onions. €3.80

Crumble’n’Crunch – An Irish Addition to Salads and Pizzas

Crumble’n’Crunch is the only complementary crumbled cheese product range on the market giving extra texture and taste to dishes. It started life on the kitchen table as the partners focused on the key trends identified in their research – a desire to eat healthy ingredients delivered in convenient formats that suit busy modern lifestyles. As well as utilising Bord Bia’s research resources, they travelled extensively across the UK and USA visiting innovative food service operators and food retailers.

Sourcing only the finest ingredients from approved facilities located in Wexford and Cork, Murryhill Foods combine them creatively to the highest standards.

For more information on Crumble ‘n’ Crunch click here.

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