M&S Unveils Range of On-Trend Colourful Nourish Bowls

Nourish Bowl Marks and Spencer

First seen in America, nourish bowls or ‘buddha bowls’, are a kaleidoscope of hearty, wholesome and fresh ingredients creating a salad packed full of superfoods.

Now M&S are getting involved in the trend and we will be seeing six new nutrient-rich dishes on their shelves in January 2017 – all designed to give your body a boost of nutrients and energy.

The bowls come in varieties like Avocado, egg, pickled cabbage and tahini and cashew hummous, and Mexican spiced marinated chicken on a rice and quinoa base, spiralised butternut and a cooling yoghurt drizzle with fresh coriander.

Whether you need a post-gym feast or a dinner you can serve in minutes, pack in nutrients and flavour with one of the new healthy bowls. They’re full of fresh and authentic ingredients and contribute to your five a day – what more could you ask for lunch or dinner?

Helen Brennan, M&S product developer says:

“With leafy greens, an abundance of vegetables, a protein hit and a sprinkle of seeds, these are bowls are perfect for health conscious foodies. There are countless variations but we’ve developed the ultimate flavour combinations which will help our customers to eat the rainbow in 2017!”

Available now from selected M&S stores.

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