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M&S Treat of the Week: Melting Chocolate Domes

M&S is bringing the latest trend in desserts to the high street for the first time with its Melting Chocolate Domes. The dessert is a deliciously indulgent chocolate brownie on top of crisp feuilletine layer, filled with creamy milk chocolate ganache and topped with a milk chocolate dome which melts when the rich chocolate sauce is poured over it.

Melting domes have proved a YouTube sensation this year as people try to recreate the magic in their own homes and capture the theatre of the melting dome revealing the brownie layer.

It was designed by M&S product developer Daniel Fletcher who has previously worked as a top pastry chef for both Gordon Ramsay and Jason Atherton. Daniel says: ‘This dessert is the ultimate show-stopper and perfect to wow guests with at a dinner party. We were inspired by restaurant desserts in Sydney and New York and wanted to bring the innovative concept to the UK. The result is this delicious and exciting new dessert which is a set to be a must-have on every menu.’

The concept was first developed by Peter Gilmore from the Quay restaurant in Sydney and Michael Armstrong from Bodegra Negra in New York, where the infamous dessert is known as the ‘Don Huevo’.

Dessert Menu Melting Chocolate Domes €6.40, 300g are available in M&S stores now.

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