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Mac ‘n’ Cheese Bacon Pie
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M&S Introduces the Ultimate Comfort Food: Mac ‘n’ Cheese & Bacon Pie

This week M&S is launching the ultimate in comfort food, the Mac ‘n’ Cheese & Bacon Pie.

The concept of combining deliciously gooey mac ‘n’ cheese with the crust of a pie originates from Scotland, and it was a recent trip to Edinburgh that inspired the M&S food team to create the new dish. To make it especially moreish it’s topped with a smoked bacon crumble.

Matt Dawson, pie product developer, says: “Mac ‘n’ cheese is the ultimate in comfort food and we’ve taken it a step further by putting it in a pie for a truly indulgent treat. It’s a first on the high street and we’re sure customers are going to love it as much as we do!”

The new M&S Mac ‘n’ Cheese & Bacon Pies are available in M&S stores now for €4.50.

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