M&S Introduces First Ever Vitamin D Enriched Sandwich on the High Street

M&S Sandwich

As the school holidays come to a close, the days get shorter and autumn arrives the sandwich experts at M&S are helping customers boost their vitamin D intake.

From Wednesday 7th September, all M&S pre-packed sliced bread sandwiches will be enriched with vitamin D, providing a minimum of 15% of the daily requirement, making it easier to include the vitamin in the daily diet.

The importance of this essential vitamin has increased over the past few years and now it is recommend that from age of 1 year you need 10 micrograms of vitamin D per day.

The retailer sells over 95 million sandwiches per year, so the introduction of vitamin D to its pre-packed sandwiches will help thousands of customers across the country boost their daily intake.

The vitamin D is added by exposing the yeast used in the bread to UV light. This naturally increases the vitamin D content of the yeast which is then transferred to the bread.

There are very few dietary sources of vitamin D – primarily oily fish, eggs and some fortified margarines and breakfast cereals. To achieve the newly recommended levels of 10mcg of vitamin D per day, people need to eat six large eggs or whole salmon every day.

Helen Seward, M&S Nutritionist, commented “As the days get shorter and autumn arrives, it’s harder for our bodies to receive as much vitamin D as it requires due to the limited sunshine and the amount of time we spend outdoors. Vitamin D plays an extremely important part in a balanced diet and by adding it to something as simple as bread mean that customers don’t have change their usual diets. ”

Helen continues “Our customers look to us to provide the best, not just in terms of quality, but also in terms of health. And after the successful introduction of vitamin D into our bread loaves and rolls, we wanted our customers be able to get the same benefits from our pre-packed sandwiches.

M&S has led the way in helping customers reach their daily requirement of vitamin D. In May 2015, M&S introduced bread enriched with the vitamin to its pre-packed loaves and rolls, and in April 2016 it expanded the range to include loaves and rolls from in-store bakeries. Now customers will be able to boost their intake with M&S pre-packed sliced sandwiches, and from March sandwich rolls.

Now all the bread, bread rolls, pre-packed sliced bread sandwiches at M&S, will be enriched with vitamin D, which is essential for bone and general nutritional health and for helping to absorb calcium and phosphorous.

The main source of vitamin D is skin exposure to UV B light between 290 – 315nm, which is usually only between the months of May and September. As a results, there is a large dependency on dietary sources or supplements to help to get the right amount of vitamin D during the winter months.

M&S has always been famous for its sandwiches, and was the first retailer to start selling pre-packed back in 1982. M&S sell a whopping 95 million sandwiches a year.

Bone health is the number-three health concern for M&S customers and Vitamin D is just an important to bones and teeth as calcium. Without it our bodies are unable to absorb calcium, which is essential in building strong and healthy bones.

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