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Mór Irish Gin Easter Egg Hunt Might Make you Win Gin for the Rest of the Year
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You Could Win Premium Irish Gin for the Rest of the Year with this Easter Egg Hunt

If you find a Mór Golden Ticket, prepare to have a bigger smile that Charlie when he won the free day at Willy Wonka’s factory. The people behind award-winning Mór Irish Gin teamed up with the drinks enthusiasts at Celtic Whiskey Shop for a very special Easter egg hunt that might result in you getting all your gin wishes sorted for the rest of the year!

One Mór Golden Ticket has been hidden in one of the special edition Easter GiftBoxes that Mór Irish Gin is selling at the Celtic Whiskey Shop on Dawson Street. The box itself is a pretty sweet deal, at it contains two mini gin bottles and two delicious chocolate Easter eggs. The two minis are the original Wild Berry Gin and the new Pineapple Gin.

This Easter Egg Hunt Might Make you Win Premium Irish Gin for the Rest of the Year

If you are the lucky finder of the golden ticket, you’ll win a bottle of Mór Irish Gin each month until Christmas, for a total of nine. The gift boxes will be available until the Easter weekend and each box is priced at €15.


Mór is an adventurous spirit, made in Tullamore, Co. Offaly. They work with the simplest and purest flavours to craft a bold gin that’s true to its botanicals. Its made in small batches and it features plenty of local and seasonal botanicals.


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