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Mionetto Vivo Rose Prosecco – Wine of the Week from O’Briens
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Mionetto Vivo Rose – Wine of the Week from O’Briens Wine

Hello May! Mother Nature drives us towards summer and we impatiently keep asking her are we there yet? Trickster as she is, her intermittent reinforcement keep us passengers on the Emerald Island on our toes, making picnic plans with an asterisk and booking outdoor tables while asking the host if there’s space indoors in case relocation becomes a necessity.

Rain or shine, May marks the beginning of Rosé season and what better way to celebrate anything than with bubbles? In this case, it only makes sense for them to be pink bubbles!

Mionetto Vivo Rose Prosecco – Wine of the Week from O’BriensMionetto Vivo Rosé is the type of wine that makes you want to abuse exclamation marks when writing about it; surely if it could hijack my keyboard to introduce itself, she -for I’m almost sure it would be a her- would use them liberally!

And just like that fun friend you’d have a great time with no matter if you’re a the best party of the season or simply catching up over a few glasses, this Spumante Rosado -a.k.a. pink sparkling- is full of life and elegant but not afraid to embrace levity.

Its pale blush colour is a soft shade of what has been recently renamed as “millennial pink” (think cherry blossoms meet Wes Anderson) and its delicate aromas of raspberries and pink grapefruit along with flavours of juicy cherries and apple blossom combine to become the wine equivalent of Aerosmith’s classic “Pink” on your palate: fun, upbeat and on the pop side of rock.

Serve it as an aperitif or just as a treat to share on a warm day (no one will judge you if you let a fresh raspberry “accidentally” fall on the glasses!).

Coming from Italy’s Valdobbiadene, top spot for fine Prosecco, it’s made by a family run winery with over a century of passionate winemaking history. It’s a blend of different red varieties, and while not exactly a Prosecco, this Spumante Rosato comes from the same region and has a lot in common with the famous fizz; think of it as Prosecco’s cool, rebel roommate, if you will.

Mionetto Vivo Rosé O’Briens Wine is available at at €18.95.


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