Is Millionaire’s Bacon the New Avocado Toast?

Not a weekend goes by without a barrage of green taking over our Instagram feeds. Avocado toast has somehow captivated a generation and is the breakfast and brunch of choice for millennials the world over. In a world where plant-based eating is taking hold, there is light at the end of the tunnel for the staunchly carnivorous with the arrival of Millionaire’s Bacon.

This new invention in the bacon world comes to us from brunch haven Sweet Maple in US food Mecca San Francisco and it has been hailed as likely to steal Avocado Toast’s breakfast crown. Roughly half an inch thick, the bacon is coated in sugar and cayenne pepper before being slow cooked for several hours.

The result is a succulent and juicy slice of bacon heaven, the perfect marriage of sweet and salty. Plump and drool-worthy to look at, Millionaire’s Bacon is perfectly Insta-friendly and even has its own hashtag, with over 3,000 posts so far.

At Sweet Maple you can add Millionaire’s Bacon to any of their brunch dishes, which includes eggs in every incarnation, Sweet Potato Pancakes and Cornflake-Coated French Toast, for $4 or have a side order for $8.

Restaurants across the Bay area have caught on to this bacon gold-mine, which certainly doesn’t come cheap with some charging up to $14 for two slices.

It may be only a matter of time before it catches on across the pond here in Ireland, with our brunch obsessed selves likely to splash that extra bit of cash to indulge in the ultimate bacon dish.

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