For the First Time Ever a 3 Michelin Star French Chef Asks to Be Removed from the Culinary Guide

In a Michelin Guide first, a three star French chef, Sébastien Bras, has asked not to be included in the Michelin guide since the 2018 edition.

One of only 27 three star restaurants in France, Le Suquet à Laguiole, south of France, was honoured with a third star in 1999 and is renowned for its vegetable-focused haute cuisine.

Sébastien Bras has been head chef at restaurant for 10 years, taking over from his father, the legendary chef Michel Bras.

As first reported in the French publication Agence France-Presse Sébastien cited the pressure of upholding the accolade for his decision.

“It was a great challenge, a source of much satisfaction with the changes we have made … yes, a lot of satisfaction, but also of great pressure that inevitably results from the distinction of the three stars that was awarded to us in 1999”

“Today, we want to be free, to continue serenely, without stress, to make our House live with a kitchen, a welcome, a service that are the expression of our state of mind, our territory.”

His request might not necessarily be accepted however.

Dorland-Clauzel, executive committee member of the Michelin group has said that while they “acknowledge and respect” Sébastien’s that the withdrawal would not be “automatic.”

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