Here’s How You Can Have a Michelin Star Dessert for Christmas Dinner

Festive dessert often gets overlooked on the big day with most of the focus and effort going on roasting the perfect turkey and serving up a cracker of a main course.

If you love ending your Christmas feast on a sweet note but can’t devote the time to whipping up a dessert or simply want a showstopper this year, you can now get your hands on a Yule Log fresh from the kitchen of Michelin Star restaurant Chapter One.

Award-winning Pastry Chef Darren Hogarty has designed Yule Logs so pretty you may momentarily hesitate before digging in, with expert chocolate work depicting golden stags and frosty stars.

But as with all of Hogarty’s creations, taste is the most important element and his flavour combinations are the real star of the show. Two tempting versions – dark or white chocolate – are all decked out with flavours including caramelised white chocolate and buttermilk mousse, passion fruit and mango jelly, as well as spiced chocolate cream and clementine shortbread.

This stunning patisserie creation can be yours for €50, and will be available for collection on December 21st and 22nd. To order your Yule Log, email and cross you’re fingers that they’re not all sold out!

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