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Michael's Mount Merrion
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You Won’t Want to Miss This – It’s a Battle of The Beasts at Michael’s Mount Merrion

Some battles go down in history, with kids and grandchildren speaking about them for years to come. In terms of meat, this may be the battle to beat them all.

Gareth ‘Gaz’ Smith from Michael’s Mount Merrion is dishing up something that those lucky enough to attend won’t forget for quite some time.

Taking to Twitter, the chef said: “I’ve always maintained that Irish Beef, on its day, is the best in the world and I know our butcher Rick Higgins shares the same beliefs. We’ve discussed getting the Wagyu for weeks now and When I saw Rick’s eyes glaze over the Grade A5 Wagyu, I knew it was a winner. He told me he’s been staring at it all day.”

With sure a beautiful piece of meat before them, could there possibly be anything that would be good enough to compete? Well, Gaz added that “When his eyes also glazed over a piece of 40 Day Pure Breed Castledermot Grass Fed Angus too, I knew there was only one thing to do. A fight to the end!”

Gaz is planning to serve both cuts of meat together in the ultimate battle of tastes. Guests dining on these beautiful pieces of meat can decide for themselves which is the better beef.

Speaking about his plans, Gaz said: “I plan to serve them individually or side by side for comparison. I’m fascinated by how they’ll compare. Grade A5 is considered the best cut in the world and is insanely expensive and hard to get.”

Chef Collab

He added: “They are two completely different beasts and types of beef, so it will be great for the guests to see the two different types and styles and it’s not often you’d get a chance to taste them together.”

Gaz is aiming to keep the price under €100 per head and he’ll be dishing up this unmissable tasting plate from November 27th for just one week, so don’t miss out.

To whet your appetite, imagine tasting the trimmings of wagyu in a starter of Way ” Lardo” with Charred Bone Marrow on Toast with Parsley Butter and Capers. Hungry yet?

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