Mexican Fiesta Night at Home – 777 at Home Review

Mexican food is one of our favorites & 777 is a restaurant that has been on our list of places to try for some time now. The restaurant is known for their legendary margaritas and is Dublin’s only contemporary Mexican Restaurant.

So, when we heard that 777 were doing an at home box, we just knew we had to try it! We ordered the 777 Taquito Party kit at just €55 for two people. We knew we also had to try 777’s famous margaritas given their well-deserved reputation for the best margaritas in town!  The at home, click and collect site offered a Margarita & Glasses Set for €55. This cocktail kit really added to the Mexican party vibes of the Taquito Kit. In addition to 750ml Bottle of their Margarita, the gift box also included two authentic margarita glasses, which was such a lovely addition and gave a wonderful Mexican restaurant feel to a meal at home. The kit even included lime & salt for the rim of the glasses to give that bartender mixologist finish to your at home cocktails. 

Back to the Taquito Party kit, what do you get in the box? 

Well, it includes everything you will need to help you recreate a night at 777 in your own home. The Taco and Tostada fillings are prepared in vacuum packed bags, so all you do is heat in a pot of boiling water, heating the fillings in the bags.  All the sauces, sides and garnishes are also prepared for you, so, as they say themselves all you need is your favorite person, a good Mexican playlist on Spotify and you’re set for a great night in!

The box contained tortilla chips, authentic guacamole, salsa verde and salsa tipica to get you started. Then four Chorizo Taquitos which consisted of their house chorizo, cilantro onion, crema and habanero sauce. In addition, to that there were four Tinga Tostadas which were guajillo chicken, black bean puree, guacamole and some crema to top them off. And finally, there were four Setas Taquitos Portobello mushrooms, chipotle pesto, mancheqo cheese and crema asada. Our sides were a Grilled Corn Slaw and some fresh and zesty Pico De Gallo. For dessert, the at home box contained, two bread and butter pudding with a luscious caramel sauce.

When we opened the box and saw all the individual parts we were a little worried as to how to put it all together and what to have first. But the 777 team have you covered, as the box contained detailed instructions on, not only how to prepare each dish, but the order in which to eat them. The instructions even recommend you pour yourself and your dining partner a cold Margarita to enjoy between each dish, which of course we had to follow! 777 advise preparing and eating each dish before moving on to the next one. Doing it this way, as 777 tell you in the instructions, may take a longer mealtime but as they quite rightly point out “but you’re going nowhere anyway, are you?!”

There is a bit more of hands-on preparation to this at home kit than others we have tried but, it is so worth it. The preparation didn’t feel like work, it felt like this was all part of the experience. It slowed down our dining and extended the meal over the whole evening. This is a fun at home meal box that provides a fantastic fiesta feel to your kitchen. The meal is not a formal sit-down meal but rather a relaxed, social kind of night perfect for sharing with friends or family. The box caters for every taste with something for everyone. 777 was a tasty experience for us to have at home and we cannot wait to get to try it again in their home on South Great Georges Street very soon.


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