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The Merrion Hotel
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Profits Have Soared at This Luxurious City Centre Hotel Following a Successful Turnover

If you are looking for accommodation in Dublin, luxury is always key to a truly noteworthy overnight stay. The beautiful surroundings of the Merrion Hotel have proven to be a winner year after year, and reports show the hotel has impressively soared in pre-tax profits by 45%.

Loved by both local Irish and tourists, it’s no surprise that the 5 star hotel has had such a successful year with an equally brilliant accommodation turnover as well as an increase in their food and drink surplus. The Irish Times reported that there has been a 15% rise to €14.01 million for the former, adding to its overall turnover of €21.5 million.

The Merrion Hotel

A wonderful addition to the hotel’s profile, this favourable outcome has also helped the staff employed as wage and salary costs increased by 4% for their 283 employees per month, which includes those who work within Ireland’s only 2-Michelin star restaurant, Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud.

During the financial year ending in October 2016, their pre-tax profits have rocketed from over €1 million to €3.42 million, which directors are extremely pleased with.

On the account for Hotel Merrion Ltd., a note read that “the hotel had a good year in revenue, room rates and occupancy being at their highest levels, reflecting a strong performance in the Dublin market.

“The near-term outlook remains strong and we believe that we can maintain revenues and profitability.”

The Merrion Hotel

Hosting 123 bedrooms and 19 suites, the hotel is also a strong venue for professionals to meet, fine dining evenings and events of all sorts, all of which has helped the profile and profits on a huge scale. Christmas time is also hugely popular for the hotel, as it hosts many special menus during the seasonal festivities too.

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