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This Kitchen Must-Have was Meghan Markle's First Official Wedding Gift 2
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This Kitchen Must-Have was Meghan Markle’s First Official Gift as a Royal

Meghan Markle and her fiancé, Prince Harry, are set to receive a myriad of wonderful presents as part of the celebration of their upcoming wedding. The couple’s most recent royal engagement took them to Wales, where they were presented with their first official wedding gift: an exquisite artisan Celtic spoon with their initials engraved, a traditional Welsh present with a history that traces back for centuries.

This Kitchen Must-Have was Meghan Markle's First Official Wedding Gift 2

But this is not the first time Meghan receives a kitchen-inspired present. Last week, the royal family released the annual list of gifts they’ve received during 2017, and for the first time, Meghan was included among the princesses and duchesses.

The present, received on her behalf by Prince William during a trip to Finland, was an apron, given by a member of the public. The old-school garment might be a nod to the way the couple got engaged as Harry surprised her by proposing on an evening when they were roasting a chicken, the couple told BBC.

Meghan’s love for good food and wine is well documented, and she even named her now closed website after the praiseworthy Super Tuscan wine Tignanello, a wine she has been photographed enjoying on several occasions.

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