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Meet Martini Fiero & Tonic, The Perfect Pair

When you think of perfect pairings, you might think of strawberries and cream, cookies and milk, sea salt and caramel and a wink and smile but this summer get ready to meet Martini Fiero & Tonic, the most refreshing 50/50 pairing to have with friends. 

Martini Fiero is made with 100% natural fruity flavours with a blend of white wines and botanicals including Spanish orange peel for a delicious and balanced bittersweet orange tasting vermouth. Fiero and tonic were made for each other and Fiero is best served simply 50/50 over ice for a perfect aperitivo this summer.

Martini originated in 1863 from a perfect Italian pair, Alessandro Martini and Luigi Rossi. Martini’s enterprising spirit and Rossi’s creative genius were the perfect mix to create a vermouth that has endured for more than 150 years. Fiero is the latest martini expression for the modern aperitivo. ‘Fiero’ means ‘proud’, ‘intense’ and ‘bold’ in Italian, reflecting the flavourful character and blood orange colour of this vermouth. 

Aperitivo culture has become an essential part of Italian culture. Italians use Aperitivo hour as an excuse to meet friends before a meal as well as a time to wind down in the early evening and relax with a drink after work. Martini Fiero is the perfect simple serve to enjoy as part of the aperitivo occasion. This summer, you should take a break and have a Fiero & Tonic with your friends. Celebrate the everyday, the Italian way. 

RRP for Martini Fiero is €16, available through all leading retailers and specialist independent off licences nationwide. 

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