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Meal Delivery services
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Meal Delivery Services that Make Eating Healthy Easy

What’s for dinner? It’s a question that can cause a fair bit of anxiety and stress. While each week might start with good intentions and a pre-prepped lunch and dinner, by Wednesday our creativity and motivation is dwindling. Stir fries and eggs in various guises become regular fixtures, and come Friday it’s either a takeaway or beans on toast – undoing a lot of the good you did by fitting a few gym sessions into your busy schedule.

Even those with the skills and interest to prepare home-cooked meals have zero time to plan and shop, let alone execute interesting and healthy dishes.

Thankfully, companies are offering a solution for our modern dilemma: meal subscription services that offer everything from sending you every single ingredient that you need to make a week’s worth of delicious home-cooked interesting meals, to providing a fridge full of nutrient-packed dishes, all prepared and ready to eat.

Whether you’re vegetarian or gluten free, looking to slim down or bulk up, or just want to make life a little bit easier, with the help of the meal delivery services below, healthy meals are just a click away.

1. HelloFresh

If you want easy, healthy meals but still enjoy a little time in the kitchen, Hello Fresh is a weekly recipe box delivery service with no minimum term or commitment. They will deliver boxes of perfectly packed fresh and seasonal ingredients along with simple recipe cards to help you create delicious, restaurant-quality dishes at home. All the ingredients are pre-portioned so you can get straight to cooking up the dishes you have selected with zero food waste.

Hello Fresh lets you choose from an array of ever changing and enticing menu options to suit your preferences and dietary requirements, so you can say goodbye to the same old boring midweek meals. Indulge in comforting creations like Lentil Shepherd’s Pie and family favourites like Mexican Spiced Beef Tortillas, and never fret about finding something to make again.

Cost: Starts from €21.99 for your first box with our code TASTEVALENTINE

2. DropChef

Billed as ‘the smartest way to cook a healthy dinner’, Irish company DropChef delivers nutritionally balanced meals pre-measured, so you just follow an easy step-by-step recipe and then cook. The nutrient-packed dishes are made with seasonal, local produce and 100% Irish meat, and come in just the right amounts for the number of people you are cooking for, so there is no wastage.

Cost: Starting at €5.16 per serving in the Family Plan or €10.95 per serving for the Classic plan, with weekly plans varying from €21.90 for the One Person Plan to €69.95 for the Family Plan.

3. GourmetFuel

A one-stop solution of assessment, advice, food and training to facilitate people achieving their goal, be it weight loss, muscle gain, training for an event, rehabilitation, or just overall general well-being. Any visitor to Gourmet Fuel’s site can take advantage of the free online diet tool, or you can go one step further and arrange a private consultation, allowing you to design fitness and meal plans to suit your exact requirements.

Cost: Prices start from €3.15 for snacks, and dinners cost between €8.95 and €11.95. Meal plans begin €82.46, with a variety of different diet options to choose from.

4. Dublin Meat Company – Fit Foods

Dublin Meat Company is an Irish owned and family run craft butchers with over 40 years’ experience. They are the home of Fit Foods, which are low calorie ready meals which cook in only 4 minutes, with plenty of options available, including gluten free.

Cost: Individual meals are €4.50 with bundles ranging from €20 to €45.

5. Eatto

Eatto is all about good food, handmade by experienced chefs using quality, local Irish produce and absolutely no additives or preservatives. All the meals are sustainably packaged, flash frozen for convenience and shipped right to your door. Their meals didn’t win Great Taste awards for nothing!

Cost: Meal bundles begin at €52.95, with a variety of diets including vegan, flexitarian, Asian favourites and microwaveable meals.

6. Eatstro

Eatstro offer delicious, chef-designed recipes with step-by-step instructions and pre-measured fresh ingredients. They do the shopping and menu planning so you can just cook and enjoy. Choose from a 2 person plan or a family plan and plenty of delicious dish options.

Cost: Starts at €5.50 per serving, with weekly boxes starting at €55 for 3 meals a week.

7. Clean Cut Meals

With goal-based plans in mind, Clean Cut Meals offer a delicious range of meal plans with detailed nutritional information on calories and macronutrients, so you can keep track of your meals with convenience. Take the hassle out of shopping and cooking with Clean Cut Meals.

Cost: Starts at €101.35 for 15 meals over 5 days.

8. The Natural Kitchen

The Natural Kitchen will prepare your delicious healthy gourmet meals and deliver directly to your door in Dublin or North Wicklow. With post-workout, weight loss and vegan options available, you can choose from 3 day to 6 day plans with everything from fakeaways to protein pancakes included.

Cost: Ranges from €30-€120.

9. NutriQuick

At NutriQuick, they share a passion for tasty and healthy food. Their mission is to make healthy eating more exciting, convenient and affordable and inspire, encourage and fuel everyone to lead active, healthy lives. Each NutriQuick meal is made from scratch and seasoned with their special herbs and spices, allowing you to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner without sacrificing the nutritional value. You can also build your own bundles with protein bars and powders, Vit Hit drinks, Cali Cali snacks and more, so this is a one-stop shop.

Cost: Ranges from €25 to €100, including breakfast, dinners and snacks.

10. Naomi’s Kitchen

Naomi’s Kitchen believe that everyone should eat and share good fresh food regardless of their busy lives, and that’s where they come in. They take the hassle out of home cooking, delivering fresh, handmade, ready-to-eat meals straight to your door, with comfort food options like Coliemore Fish Pie and Normandy Pork with Fresh Irish Apples.

Cost: Starting from a 7 Day Food Box for one at €80, there are options for New Parent, New Home and Congratulations food boxes with delivery in Dublin and North Wicklow.

11. Krufood

Forget everything you know about vegan food. Krufood is all about showing customers that vegan food doesn’t have to lack on flavour or quality. Whether you’re trying to incorporate plant-based meals into your diet, or you’re already a dedicated vegan, Krufood is a great choice. They keep the ordering process simple through a Google form link in their Instagram bio, so you can easily order your meals without all the fuss. Making it easy is always ideal!

Cost: 5 meals – 35€; 10 meals – 70€; Single-meal – 8.50€

Article by Sara Abdulmagid

I’m a Palestinian who grew up in Cyprus and moved to Dublin in 2013, so I’ve had a mishmash of different cultures and cuisines surrounding me my whole life. I’m an avid foodie, and after realising that life as a lawyer was not for me, I studied media and became a radio host for Dublin City FM. I’m now writing for TheTaste full time, but I also have my own food blog where you can find a mixture of restaurant reviews and the occasional recipe. I talk a lot about being Palestinian; to be honest, I talk a lot in general. That’s why I did radio!

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