Make Way for the McVegan: McDonald’s is Trialling a Vegan Burger

McDonald’s have come up with countless variations on the classic burger over the years, but their latest might just be their most shocking innovation yet: the “McVegan”

Yes you’ve read that correctly, the mega fast food chain, known best for it’s Big Macs and McNuggets, has revealed they are testing a vegan sandwich that includes a soy-based patty.

McVegan McDonald's

But before curiosity causes you skip down the road to your local Maccy D’s we have to break it to you that the burger is available on a very limited basis.

The burger is currently being testing at just one of McDonald’s locations in Tampere, Finland, and will be from October 4th through to November 21st, according to Finland Today.

According to the Finish website, the “McVegan is a 100 percent vegetable-based hamburger, where a soybean steak is spread between the familiar rolls.”

For many of those that choose to eat a plant based diet dining at McDonald’s is hardly a first choice, though any move to introduce a more inclusive menu and particularly one that might have benefits for both our health and the environment a has to be welcomed.

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