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Masarap, The Final Release in the Blasta Books 2023 Series, Has Just Been Announced

#8 MASARAP, By Richie Castillo & Alex O’Neill of Bahay

Chef Richie Castillo and partner Alex O’Neill are the owners of Bahay, a pop-up restaurant introducing people to Filipino cooking using the very best Irish ingredients.

Their debut cookbook MASARAP – meaning tasty in Tagalog, the Filipino language – is a showcase of Richie’s culinary heritage and dishes exploding with flavour.


Delve into the Filipino pantry, see how centuries of settlement, colonoisation, trade and migration has shaped the food landscape, and get to know the explosive flavours that make Richie’s cooking so addictive.

Dominated by the powerful trinity of taste – salty, sour and sweet – Richie’s recipes are exciting and compelling. From childhood classics such as adobosinigang and kare-kare to plates that reflect Richie’s fun and playful style, including banana ketchup-glazed wings and Filly cheesesteakMASARAP is a unique exploration of Filipino food through an Irish cultural lens.

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