Time to Celebrate! Maltesers Launch a Drool-Worthy New Product

Maltesers feat

September is upon us, and therefore the inevitable Christmas chatter will begin to trickle in very soon. Whether you’re a humbug or a ho ho ho, the news that the hotly contested yearly debate over which Celebration chocolate is the most prized of them all has effectively been settled. The Maltesers 2.0 sweet, Teasers, will now be available in gift box form.

Galaxy and Mars have been outclassed, and even the newer addition of Twix couldn’t hold a candle to the malty flecked mouthfuls of Malteser chocolate heaven! The Teaser gift box will be bursting with 275g of individually wrapped deliciousness and realistically is the gift you need to give yourself.

Malteasers Gift Box

The even better news is Nestlé won’t tease us for much longer, and we’ll only have to be patient until September 4th to run to Tesco to pick up a box or ten. The gift box will then be rolled out at retailers across the country on September 11th.

This new Teaser gift box will definitely be a staple in houses across the country for the month of December, no more feeling bad for the lone remaining Bounty or bust-ups over who ate the last Teaser (every.single.year) – it’s a Christmas miracle! Stock up now, we say.

For more information visit www.maltesers.co.uk

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