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Percy Pig Cocktail
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Your Childhood Favourite Percy Pig Just Got a Boozy Makeover

It may come as a surprise to hear that your staple M&S childhood treat, Percy Pig, is turning 25 this year. Instead of giving in to a quarter life crisis, our favourite pink and fruity friend is raising a toast to the milestone with a unique cocktail creation you’ll want to try at home.

We’ve all tried soaking Skittles and gummy bears in vodka and playing mixology Willy Wonka is sure to be a laugh, whatever the flavour result may be… The Percy Pig on the Beach is looking to take on the tequila-spiked Sex on the Beach, but luckily you don’t need to be in any waay skilled in the art of cocktail-making to whip up your own.


All you need to do is steep Percy Pig sweets in vodka for two days to infuse, then shake up your creation with raspberry and mandarin juice. Finish off your sugary masterpiece with all the bells and whistles like cocktail umbrellas and stirrers and serve up over ice.

Naturally, this fruity concoction is best enjoyed alongside a bag of Percy Pigs – prepare for a sugar rush and plenty of nostalgia!

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