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Picnic blanket and basket in the grass
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Make an Occasion of it – Beautiful Additions to Elevate your Picnic

When French painter Edouard Manet revealed his now celebrated “Luncheon on the Grass” in 1863, feathers were ruffled by the out-of-context nudity it showed. And while his artwork was perhaps the boldest, it was also one among many great paintings of his time depicting lavish picnics scenes that inspire us to this day.

His countryman, Claude Manet, created a less shocking, namesake masterpiece featuring a dozen fashionable individuals enjoying some al fresco bites and drinks in the forest. Artists from Francisco Goya to Banksy have looked at the picnic and immortalised it in the style of their times.

In our times, a picnic can be a slice of freedom and joy. It’s the occasion in which all that banana bread and sourdough we’ve been collectively baking gets, literally, its moment in the sun. And while “enjoy the little things” remains sound advice, there is no reason why we can’t try to make them a little bigger, more beautiful and extraordinary. 

After all, we’re gearing up for a summer where our relationship with the outdoors will have a great impact in our mood. 

We’ve gathered below a collection of items that will help you turn your picnics into special occasions.


Lambourn 4 Person Picnic Hamper & Table Set


Available at

A stylish hamper that comes with a built in picnic table top, and 27 pieces including cooler bags for wine and for food, even salt and pepper shakers!

Paul Costelloe Living Picnic Basket


Available at

Created by Irish designer Paul Costelloe, this classic basket features all you need for a glamorous picnic for four, it even has a zipped cooler for your food.

Green Lining 2 Person Picnic Basket


Available at Carraig Donn Home

This charming basket comes in an iconic style and has all you need for a dream picnic for two. 


Rock N River Waterproof Picnic Blanket


Available at

Soft fleece on top, waterproof groundsheet at the bottom, soft foam in between. This comfy picnic blanket offers great value, comfort and convenience.

Eventer Pure New Wool Picnic Blanket


Available at

This beautiful wool blanket has waterproof backing and folds into a neat package for ease of carrying. It’s the ideal mix of style and function.

Waterproof Picnic Blanket


Available at

The lovely nautical style of this blanket evokes coastal days out, and thanks to its waterproof PEVA backing, it will be ideal for any occasion, even if the grass is a little wet.


Travel Utensil Wrap by reuzi


Available at

This small and lightweight wrap is ideal for carrying your cutlery or small utensils on the go, to avoid the need for disposables.

The Beeswax Wrap Co. Bee 5 Combo Pack


Available at

These reusable beeswax wraps are ideal to protect your food in a plastic-free, safe and sustainable way. They’re also incredibly cute.

Japanese Bento Lunchbox Set


Available at Mainichi Home [Via Etsy]

This gorgeous Japanese bento box is set to bring a smile to whoever unpacks it at lunch time. It comes with a reusable spoon, fork and chopsticks, and a lovely carrying bag.

Thermos Everyday Stainless Steel Flask


Available at

This stainless steel flask holds up to 0.5 litres and it’s ideal to bring your tea, coffee or hot beverage of your choice with you.

Tablecloth Weights with Clips


Available at Yumilab [Via Etsy]

These small cube-shaped weights will help your tablecloth stay put over your picnic table on a day with moderate wind. You can personalise the colour and finishing style of your cubes.


Storm Mini Table Lamp 


Available at

Extend your picnic into the evening with the help of this handy portable lamp. It comes with an LED 5V with flame effect and uses 3xAAA batteries.

Samsö Parasol with Base


Available at Ikea

This parasol has a diameter of 200 cm, and it comes with a heavy concrete base which means you won’t need to poke holes in the grass to enjoy its shade (you can also get it without the weight). 


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