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Love Your Gut in 2016 with Bone Broths from Sadie’s Kitchen

For many people January is a time to make a fresh start and boost their well being both mentally and physically. The majority of those making a change will be focusing on weight loss, fitness and their general health but our digestive health is quite often ignored.

The digestive lining can become damaged from stress, caffeine and poor diet. With nearly half the population suffering from some type of digestive issue and one in four of us suffering from a chronic complaint, convenient products are an easy way of giving our immune system a boost.

We’ve seen the advent of probiotic yoghurts and drinks and now a new product has been launched in the Irish market to help us heal our damaged systems. Sarah Kiely is the woman behind Sadie’s Kitchen, a range of natural bone broths that help sooth issues in the gut and improve your overall digestion.

I come from a foodie family and I grew up knowing the importance of good, whole foods. While I still indulge on the bold stuff, I do make all my meals from scratch. It’s just how I was brought up. I absolutely love the variety of healthy options available now to the Irish consumer and I’m excited to be a part of that space.

Sarah became interested in bone broth after years of working in a stressful job began to take their toll on her own health. She was already making bone broth for herself when she was made redundant last summer. This proved to be the kick start Sarah needed to turn her passion into a business. “I had been making bone broth for about a year and while I loved the taste and health benefits, I just found it extremely off putting and time consuming. I wanted to create a great convenient product that would improve the quality of life for our customers and be true to honest scratch cooking.”

Bone broth is a clear broth made by boiling down bones for long periods of time to extract the nutrition that is naturally occurring in the bones and connective tissue of chicken and beef bones. Western diets are usually low in gelatine, one of the most gut healing foods on the planet. Bone broths are naturally rich in glucosamine thanks to their high gelatine content so they are excellent in soothing the gut and aiding inflammatory illnesses such as IBS, Crohn’s disease and arthritis (in conjunction with treatment).

Bone broth is one of the most soothing and nutritious foods and has been used for generations to help cure ailments and banish colds and flu. It is naturally full of essential vitamins, minerals and fat that are easily digestible and gut-soothing.

Bone broth has been around for centuries. It’s having a resurgence in popularity in the last couple of years, partly because health and nutrition is now so important and people are becoming more educated about what they’re feeding themselves and their families. Also, with the recession, nose to tail cooking has had a major comeback, it’s about cooking smarter and more transparently.

Due to the time it takes to cook down the bones (the chicken takes 12 hours and the beef takes 24), homemade broth isn’t a practical option for busy families. This is why Sarah decided to bring her product to the convenience market.

All Sadie’s Kitchen broths are salt, sugar, dairy, gluten and preservative free. They are paleo too and packed with naturally occurring protein, to help keep your health and fitness goals on track. The chicken used is Irish, organic and free range, the beef is 100% Irish and grass-fed and the vegetables are organic meaning you get the very best nourishment possible, something you won’t find in other stocks and chilled soups currently on the market.

So many stock pots and cubes are packed with sodium. You know that unpleasant thirst you get after drinking soup? That’s all the nasty salt undoing all your good work when you make your own. Our broths are slow cooked and use only the best ingredients, fresh veggies and lots of delicious herbs for a really great tasting base to add to curries, chillis, casseroles, stews, soups and risottos.

Sadie’s Kitchen broths can be used to replace stocks, braising liquids and cooking liquids for vegetables, rice, grains and pulses. For an added protein or health boost you can add them to cold juices and smoothies. Due to the amount of healing properties, Sadie’s Kitchen bone broths are great as a soothing hot drink when you are feeling under the weather.

The collagen in the broths is an excellent supplement for healthy skin, hair and nails. Many celebrities such as Salma Hayek, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Winslet all praise bone broth for helping to keep their skin supple and young. The broths can help speed up the healing process in the skin too so people with skin conditions would benefit from including it in their diets to help fight against scarring.

Like a lot of other health and food trends, the sensation that is bone broth started in America and Sadie’s Kitchen is the first company in Ireland to embrace the benefits.

The US are always ahead with trends, the diversity of cultures has led to many wonderful cooking methods and traditions filtering through to mass market. Bone broth is particularly popular in Italy (e.g. Brodo in NYC) and in Asian cultures too. The food scene in LA and NY is one that I monitor closely, as you will see it hit London and then Ireland afterwards. We’re excited to be innovating and bringing new trends first to market.

Sadie's Kitchen

Sarah is quite open about the challenges that you face as a new start up from funding to the ‘general maze of information’ out there. Her advice is to get in touch with your local enterprise office and talk your idea over with a mentor or take a night course in business development. Sarah credits the Supervalu Food Academy in helping her grow the brand but she is also an advocate of setting yourself realistic goals.

Don’t expect to make millions as it’s an incredibly tough thing to do and any success will take time, so make sure you’re realistic about your finances. That being said, if you’ve a strong, well thought out idea for a business, be brave and go for it. Most people spend their lives in jobs they hate, all because of fear. I suppose you should take calculated risks and be prepared to have no social life for the first couple of years!

These calculated risks have paid off for Sarah as she was recently shortlisted as a county finalist for Dublin in the IBYE competition. This proved to be a great confidence boost not only for Sarah but for potential investors for her company and she highly recommends the process, “any opportunity to push yourself and present to established business panels and judges is a great experience that I’ve certainly grown from“.

As Sarah is busy growing her brand with a new flavour being released soon and plans to enter stores in the coming weeks, she is also working as a freelance journalist for several national publications. While her passion for writing means she will never give it up, Sarah is fully committed to growing her company and maintain the quality of her products.

I would love to continue working towards building a brand that I am proud to call my own. As the business grows, we’ll continue to innovate and see where our food journey takes us.

Sadie’s Kitchen is based in the Newmarket Kitchen in Bray, a creative collaboration of start-ups with Shane Bonner at the helm. The commercial space is let out to small scale food & drink producers and provides them with the resources required to grow their businesses.

For more information on Sadie’s Kitchen products visit or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.



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