Love Whiskey and Champagne? This Machine Gives you the Best of Both Worlds

Love Whiskey and Champagne? This Machine Gives you the Best of Both Worlds

If you love the bubbly feeling of a sip of Champagne and the pleasant taste of a fine whiskey, this innovation will catch your eyes and tickle your taste buds… Japanese Whisky company Suntory Toki has developed an elegant highball machine that is part refrigerator, part carbonator.

Push its tap and you’ll get a brilliantly mixed whiskey highball with five times the carbonation found in your average soda water, this is even fizzier than Champagne itself!

The Highball cocktail, a minimalist combination of ice cubes, whiskey and soda water is wildly popular in Japan, and it’s gaining traction in the US, where seven of these machines have been recently installed. According to Bon Appetit, the company expects to triple the number next year.

If you want to approximate this effect at home, start with a whiskey of your choice. While a smooth blend is ideal, anything goes, just remember you’re diluting it so we’d say avoid the very peated or the super premium bottles. It helps if you can chill your whiskey in advance.

Add a cup of whiskey to the container of a home soda maker such as Soda Stream and top with cold filtered water. Keep in the freezer for about half an hour to make sure it’s super chilled (not frozen). While you’re at it, chill the glasses too.

Carbonate your cocktail as per the instructions of your appliance. Add ice cubes into your glasses and pour. Garnish is optional, and if you chose to, a slice of lime or lemon will do.

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