Love Supreme
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Spreading the Love – Stoneybatter Coffee Shop Love Supreme Opens in Portobello This Weekend

Expectation has been brewing ever since Love Supreme, one of Stoneybatter’s best-loved coffee shops made the announcement in March that they were opening in a new location .

Now you can finally get your fix on the south side at the grand opening this Saturday, May 20th.

The new coffee shop will open its doors from 10-5pm this Saturday and Sunday, just off the canal, on Lennox St, Portobello in Dublin 8.

Serving much more than great coffee, the cafe has already won the hearts of those in Dublin 7 with their tempting range of cakes and cookies, pies and sausage rolls, that they produce at in-house.

These aren’t your usual sausage rolls mind you, and come in quirky flavours such as lamb, cranberry, lemon and sriracha, and pork, pear, walnuts and cardamom.

For something more substantial in the morning there are Breakfast Pies, filled with unique combinations like egg, maple bacon and tomato marmalade.


Those served at lunch time are just as impressive; like their Blackstairs Mountain Lamb Pie, that features lamb ‘very’ slowly roasted with chardonnay, mace and rosemary.

Of course, at the new Portobello store they will be serving their signature coffee, roasted exclusively by Roasted Brown, along with their decadent single origin ‘bean to bag’ hot chocolate from Wilkies Chocolate, the multi award winning artisan producer of small batch organic dark chocolate.

Here are some sneak peeks of the new coffee shop:



Love Supreme joins a growing number of great cafes and coffee shops in the area.

Dublin 8 is brewing a lot more than the black stuff these days. The former industrial area is undergoing a period of not quite (or yet) gentrification but certainly urban regeneration, often referenced to with the added prefix ‘up and coming.’

And keeping in line with how these regeneration cycles typically go – first come the builders, then come the cafes – D8’s coffee culture is bubbling.

Now, some of the best coffee shops and cafes can now be found in Dublin 8;  some on streets that bleed just off one of the city’s main arteries, Camden Street, and others pulsing in the heart of The Liberties.

We’ve picked eight greats for you to try. Read the full list HERE or click the image below.