You Can Now Stock Your Fridge with a Chilled Flat White Six Pack

Love Supreme Chilled Flat White Six Pack 3

Everyone’s pre-5pm summer go-to drink, the much loved iced coffee, is the best way to caffeinate and hydrate simultaneously on a warm day. Helping you chill out while you get your buzz on, every coffee spot worth its salt is now offering these icy delights. Love Supreme, a popular independent specialty coffee shop, knows that when something is this good, one may not be enough.

Love Supreme recently opened a second branch in Portobello having established itself in Stoneybatter and to ensure you can get your iced coffee fix throughout the day they have just launched the Chilled Flat White Six Pack – genius!

Love Supreme

The Chilled Flat Whites are made with legendary Koppi Coffee Roasters Silent Shout Espresso with Village Dairy Farm organic milk and a hint of organic demerara simple syrup for balance. Katie from Love Supreme says “we make them for coffee lovers, they’re straight up, not fussy, not dessert like and very practical, they taste way you love to drink your daily coffee but chilled, they’re pretty lovely.

These beauties cost €3.10 per bottle, or €15.50 for the six pack option, meaning you can stock your fridge at home, sit sipping by the canal with friends or be the most popular person at work by sharing this magnificent multi-pack around the office. If you can bear to share, that is.

Love Supreme is known for fantastic coffee and latte art, but their iced version is an art in itself. An uber instagram-worthy spot in general, expect to see plenty of posts of happy caffeine-fiends making off with half a dozen bottle of this deliciousness.

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