Longueville House Cider & Apple Brandy

Longueville House in the Blackwater Valley, Co Cork are making great use of their orchards. They are producing Cider and a unique Apple Brandy. They recently sent me some samples to try.

The labels make a good first impression with their opulent copper and gold finishes. The cider is made with Dabinett and Michelin apples and nothing else.

I had the 5% Cider with some ham and it complimented the meal nicely. It’s a medium dry cider that would be especially pleasant enjoyed all fresco on a sunny afternoon. This was my wife’s favourite.

The Mór clocks in at 8%, it’s the original cider with a drop of their Apple Brandy added to create a BIG CIDER. You could enjoy this one with some Irish Farmhouse Cheese but I had it on its own. It’s mellow and has some of the rich honey flavours from the Brandy. This one is a perfect after dinner drink and I really enjoyed it.

The Irish Apple Brandy is made by distilling the cider in their own copper pot stills. Then it spends four years maturing in French Oak barrels. As I mentioned this has honey, it also has some rich vanilla and funky (in a good way) apple. This makes for a very interesting spirit, and an excellent alternative to whiskey if you fancy a change.

You can find the Longueville House Cider and Apple Brandy in The Celtic Whiskey Shop, Dublin and in O’Brien’s nationwide, the best place to get Mór is probably from their website www.longuevillehouse.ie

You can also stay in the house if you feel like treating yourself to some luxury. Sláinte!


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