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The Long Hall Dublin Bar Review
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Your Local When You Visit The Old Town – The Long Hall Dublin Bar Review

During the 19th century, Irish publicans were forced to expand their business due to the falling sale of spirits after leaders of the church made thousands sign a pledge to abstain from abusing alcohol. Many “Spirit Groceries” were born and it was not uncommon for the pub owners to also facilitate a hardware store or even moonlight as an undertaker.

The Long Hall celebrated it’s 250th birthday in 2016 after been first licensed in 1776 and has been a staple of the Dublin bar game since Henry Mailey took over in 1830. The failed Fenian Rising of 1867 used the pub for recruitment and planning but the Fenians and pub were infiltrated by the British and the doors were closed by court order in February 1866. Open again the following year, it would be then owner Thomas Carroll’s sale to Patrick Dolan 1881 that would give The Long Hall it’s incredible Victorian renovation that you can still see today.

The Long Hall - Bar Review

High stools line the bar and the adjacent wall sat upon by Californian tourists conversing with the barmen on the search for that perfect pint of stout. The crowd is completed by a few regulars, friendly catch ups, after work drinks and even a tinder date sat right beside me. The Long Hall draws in a crowd so broad because it is warm and welcoming, treasured in history and really is in the argument to be that No.1 pint in this old town. Popular Guinness blogs Guinness Advisor (7.5/10) & Pints of Plain (8.5/10) agree.

The Long Hall - Bar Review

The oval arch that separates the back room from the bar is headed by a classic clock that resides in place since 1912 and was acquired across the street from Wekler & Schlegel while the “correct time” clock is there since 1881.

The Long Hall Dublin Bar Review

“The Boss” Bruce Springsteen is known to visit on every occasion he comes to Ireland and Phil Lynott has even questioned love at the bar in the music video for “old town”.

The set of music videos, the celebrity tourist favourite and the one time republican sing song destination  of regular Brendan Behan. The Long Hall has stood the test of time and I have no doubt punters will for a long time more stare at the many clocks and trinkets around the mirrored bar dominated by the wide range of Irish whiskeys.

The Long Hall - Bar Review

Power’s Whiskey produced a special edition single cask in celebration of The Long hall’s 250 years, 14 years matured and limited to 252 bottles some of which are still available at the price of €250. We would recommend trying the more modest pint of Guinness for €5.50 pulling up a stool and staring out the front window which is most certainly one of the best people watching seats in the city.

The Long Hall - Bar Review



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