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Lobster Hash
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Indulge With This Lobster Hash Recipe from Whitefriar Grill

This Lobster Hash recipe with new potatoes, sweet red pepper, cherry tomato, poached eggs and caviar hollandaise is an indulgent Brunch classic from Whitefriar Grill.

20 mins prep and cooking time. Serves two.

– 1 450g lobster
– 12 new potatoes
– 1 red pepper, sliced
– 6 free range eggs
– 6 spears of asparagus
– 1 small jar of salmon or trout roe
– ½ lb of butter (melted)
– 3 sprigs of chopped of basil and flat parsley
– Olive Oil
– 1 lemon halved
– 6 cherry tomatoes


1. Poach the lobster for 4 -5 minutes in a large pot of boiling water. Refresh in cold water. Crack the claws and remove the meat, putting it aside for later. Remove the tail and slice long ways down the centre so you have two equal symmetric halves.
2. Boil the baby potatoes until soft. Strain, remove two, and lightly crush the rest and put aside.
3. Blanch the asparagus, refresh in cold water and set aside.
4. Hollandaise sauce method: In a steal bowl place the yokes of two eggs with a squeeze of lemon juice and a teaspoon of tepid water. Intermittently place the bowl over a pot of boiling water while whisking until the mixture holds a figure of 8. Then SLOWLY add the melted butter while continuing to gently whisk.
5. Hash Mix: To a hot frying pan add some olive oil and fry the peppers and cherry tomatoes until soft and sweet. Add the crushed potatoes, lobster claw meat, fresh chopped herbs and seasoning.
6. Poach the four remaining eggs to preference.


In two skillets or on two heat-proof plates, divide the hash equally into two ovals with the asparagus on top and place the lobster tails along each side. Decorate with half a lemon and a sliced new potato.

Place under a hot grill until lightly grilled. Remove and place the poached eggs on top of this. Cover eggs with hollandaise and serve with a generous dollop of the caviar on top.

Lobster Hash


Whitefriar Grill, with its funky New York vibe and modern Irish cuisine is now one of Dublin’s hottest steakhouse grill destinations for casual dining, best brunch, meaty steaks and great cocktails. Located on Aungier Street at the top of the Dublin 2 creative quarter it’s open every evening for dinner and weekend’s from 10:30am for Brunch.

They cater for group dining and WFG can be hired exclusively for wedding celebrations or birthday parties with enough notice.

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