Lobster Burger & Avocado Mousse by Peter Clifford

Lobster Burger & Avocado Mousse by Peter Clifford

This is nice with a fresh salad but to really do it justice, it is best served with lovely homemade Chips and chilled, dry white wine. This is one of my simpler recipes and it is very popular with the general public and critics alike, a real summertime smash. Recipe by Peter Clifford.

Serves 2

Avocado Mousse
500gm avocado flesh
230ml water
80g glucose syrup
10ml lemon juice
Salt to taste


Blitz all ingredients in a blender until smooth and no lumps remain. Scrape the mix into a bowl, check and adjust the seasoning to suit, cover bowl in clingfilm and place in fridge until required.

Lobster Burger


1 cooked and shelled lobster
100ml water
50gm butter
6 leaves of baby gem lettuce
10 roasted walnuts
pinch of Maldon sea salt

To serve

2 burger buns (brioche if possible)


Warm the water and butter in a pot. Slice the lobster tail meat in half, place the tail meat and the meat from the two claws in the pot of warmed water and butter. Slowly heat the lobster till it’s just hot (remember it’s already cooked, we just want to reheat it). Remove from the water and keep in a warm place.

To build the burger

Lightly toast the two halves of your burger bun under the grill. Spread a bit of the avocado on both sides of the bun (don’t be shy!), place one piece of tail meat and one piece of claw meat in the bottom of the bun, sprinkle with the sea salt. Place the walnuts and diced sliced apple on top of the lobster meat and carefully place the three leaves of lettuce onto the apple and walnuts and close with the top half of the bun.


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