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Live the High Life in 9 Below – Dublin’s Newest and Most Luxurious Bar

After finishing a dinner review of Locks we decided to check out Alan Clancy’s new bar tucked away on St.Stephen’s Green. Clancy has had a number of success stories in recent years which include the very popular House, Xico, The Oak and 37 Dawson Street. The new bar, 9 Below, located in the basement of the Hibernian Club, is dark, moody and absolutely luxurious.

This concept is seductive from the moment you open the door, walking down a low lit corridor, there are 4 main rooms separated by alcoves, all furnished with plush red leather and sumptuous velvet seating, studded tables with golden phallic like table lamps, oozing a seductive glow. One of the most impressive features of the bar is an illuminated glass cabinet housing some of the finest bottles of high-end whiskey and cognac you can buy in Dublin.

Clearly 9 Below has been designed for those who wish their nights to be intimate, private and don’t mind splurging on the finest wine and spirits. There is a five star feel to everything, even the gold flecked coat tickets. An impressive drinks menu appears to be aimed at high-end professionals and fine-dining lovers, reminiscent of the seclusion of Residence with the formalities.

The prices are without doubt the highest in Dublin, however the setting reflects that and some of the wines and spirits on offer would be hard to find anywhere in the city. The menu, more like a booklet of temptation, has some of the most inventive cocktails we have seen in some time. Don’t expect the boring basics, this is more Dead Rabbit inspired bartending with a nod to real speak easy concoctions.

Our two drinks, a 10yr Bulleit Bourbon on the rocks €16 and a Redbreast whiskey based cocktail called The Red Head €23 came to €39, so not some where you go to knock back a few, somewhere to sip, savour and indulge.

This is an exclusive experience in one of the city’s most sought after locations and we feel there will be plenty of people wanting to live the high life in 9 below.

9 Stephen’s Green
Dublin, Ireland,
+353 1 905 9990



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