Brand Ambassador Kilkenny All Star Hurler Michael Fennelly, Rosanna Davison, 800M Olympic Hopeful Niall Tuohy and Irish Farmers Journal Columnist Nessa Robins
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Liquid Gold – Chia Bia Omega 3 Oil Launch

Chia Bia was the first Irish company to bring the medicine of the Aztecs, chia seeds, to the Irish market. Importing these tiny, but nutrient packed, seeds from South America, Chia Bia offer a range of chia products. Now, they have another first to celebrate. On Tuesday 15th of September, Chia Bia launched Europe’s first plant-based Omega-3 Chia Oil capsule, becoming only the second company in the world to introduce a sustainable, and vegan Omega-3 oil capsule.

We are all familiar with Omega-3 capsules, most commonly derived from fish, that perhaps your mother doled out each morning before school, and many will be familiar with benefits of adding Omega-3 fatty acids to our diets. These are essential fats, that the body cannot produce, and therefore must be obtained from food sources. These fats are proven to support a healthy heart, help reduce cholesterol, improve brain health, and may help control eczema, and rheumatoid arthritis, and play protective roles in cancer and other conditions. However, it’s time for an Omega Oil change. Chia Bia Oil capsules have all the benefits of Omega-3, but are a unique and sustainable source of Omega-3 that everyone, including vegetarians and vegans, can benefit from. Which also means no more fishy after-taste!

The launch, in the Convention Centre Dublin, was attended by brand ambassador Kilkenny All-Star Hurler and lecturer in nutrition, Michael Fennelly, 2016 Olympic hopeful and medical student, Niall Tuohy, and model and nutritional therapist, Rosanna Davison.

Guests were treated to a delicious chia-spiked brunch created by Nessa Robins, food writer and recipe developer, with culinary delights such as chia-crusted goujons, sausage chia rolls and cashew, cranberry and chia granola bars. These part of a series of 12 family-friendly recipes created by Nessa, highlighting the variety of ways chia can added into your favourite foods.

One lucky guest was drawn to win a hamper packed with Chia Bia goodies. An amazing health boosting prize, as chia seeds are rich in minerals, vitamins, protein, and Omega-3 fatty acids. But for the unlucky guests, and everyone else, Chia Bia products are available nationwide, and offer a simple way to get more nutrients into your diet, and now, with the launch of Omega-3 Chia Oil capsules, there is another way to harness the benefits of these tiny seeds.

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