This Iconic Chocolatier Has Released a Decadent Hazelnut Cream

Chocolate Hazelnut Cream

Be still our beating hearts! Master Chocolatiers Lindt have launched an exciting new product called Lindt Hazelnut Cream and we need to get our hands on it right now.

The hazelnut cream is like a grown-up version of Nutella and is just the thing we need to add to our diets.

The iconic Swiss brand is the force behind a wide range of beloved products including the Lindor truffles and the Excellence range, as well as the famous Lindt Easter Bunnies.

Lindt has produced some of the world’s finest chocolates for over 170 years. Their Lindor truffles are one of the most irresistible indulgences on the market. Lindor’s lush chocolate shell holds a silky smooth filling that is unmistakable.

Lindt’s Excellence range is Ireland’s leading dark chocolate brand, offering sumptuous flavour combinations such as pink grapefruit and intense lime.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cream

This decadent new spread is made with 40% hazelnuts which sounds amazing and in fact, is nearly three times more than Nutella itself.

According to the website, it is the unique mix of real Lindt chocolate and hazelnuts that give the spread it’s unbeatable flavour.

“The use of real Lindt chocolate combined with hazelnut enables you to create a delightful dessert or snack with a full and intense flavour.”

“The preparation method that has been fine-tuned by the Lindt MaÎtres Chocolatiers to give rise a perfectly smooth mixture which retains the full chocolate aroma.”

Chocolate Hazelnut Cream

This exclusive product is only available online and in the official Lindt shop in Liverpool as well as London, retailing at £5.99.

We are silently praying they will roll this chocolate creation out in Irish stores, but for now well will be happy to order it online, perhaps in bulk. To snap up your jar log on here.

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