Lindor Milk Orange Arrives in Ireland

Lindor Milk Orange Arrives in Ireland

Joining the exciting and delectable Lindor range, the limited edition Lindor Milk Orange has hit shelves this Autumn.

Lovingly crafted by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers, each Lindor Milk Orange truffle is surrounded by a shell of luxurious premium chocolate that releases an irresistibly smooth melting orange filling when broken.

So whether you are flicking through your favourite magazine, trying on your newest fashion fix or enjoying some “me” time, the smooth melting Lindor Milk Orange is the perfect moment of bliss this Autumn.

Lindor Milk Orange 200g retails at €6.99 and is now available in all leading retailers.


“Lindor makes the perfect blissful treat. With a milk chocolate shell and an irresistibly smooth melting filling, once you’ve broken the shell the filling will start to melt, and so will you.

Indulge in our LINDOR range of chocolates. Find a selection of irresistibly smooth chocolate truffles, bars and selection boxes in a range of delicious flavours.” Read More


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