A Stylish Spot to Sip Stellar Cocktails – Lemon & Duke Bar Review

Bar Review

Following a delightful evening at Peploe’s on Stephen’s Green, myself and a fellow Team Taste member popped into Lemon & Duke for a little nightcap. I had visited this city centre bar for a quick bite to eat and a glass of wine before – a Caesar salad and a crisp glass of white wine are a simple, but favourite treat of mine.

The decor is slick and trendy without being pretentious, with lots of spacious tables for when you want to mingle with the crowd and corners if prefer a more intimate affair. There is also a heated terraced area for guests wanting to sip al fresco. Sitting above the bar are four large copper tanks. As in The Bridge 1859, Lemon & Duke can claim to be one of only two bars to serve Pilsner Urquell’s unpasteurised beer.

However, tonight something a little more special was in order. Lemon & Duke boast an eclectic cocktail list put together by General Manager Darren Costello. It has a drink to tempt each guest, no matter what your vice. Straight away my eyes fell on the Lychee Fizz (€12.00), a sharp and sweet mixture of Absolut Raspberry, lychee liqueur, mint syrup, lemon juice, soda, and egg whites.

A bright pink glass garnished with plenty of crushed ice and a raspberry was placed before me. Usually when I see ‘pretty pink’ drinks like this they scream sickly sweet, but in fact, the lychee added a natural sweetness to the drink without being overpowering.

My companion chose the Bulleit in the Barrell (€12.00), a tasty combination of Bulleit bourbon, kiwi, orgeat syrup, maple syrup, lime syrup, and orange blossom water. When I tasted this, I liked it even more than my own cocktail. It was light and refreshing and easy to drink. The rich bourbon added a warmth to the drink, while the orange blossom and lime gave it a zesty kick.

For my next tipple, I ordered a classic and a favourite of mine, the L&D Espresso Martini (€12.00). A creamy mix of Absolut vanilla vodka, hazelnut liqueur, Kahlua, fresh espresso and salted caramel. This boozy beverage felt like the perfect digestif after dinner. Why not replace your tea or coffee with this lip-smacking cocktail?

The Apple and Mint Fizz (€11.00) was the choice of my pal. A shockingly green concoction of Absolut pear, Gosling’s dark rum, mint, cloudy apple juice, sugar, and ginger beer. It’s a refreshing drink and enjoyable all the same, but my espresso martini was a little glass of luxury.

In total for four cocktails, the bill was €46.00. Not the cheapest night out, but for a well-made cocktail, the price was fitting.

From the comfortable yet luxurious surrounds to the friendly staff, Lemon & Duke is a great option for post-dinner cocktails, catching up oer pints or a chic lunch.

Lemon & Duke
1 Royal Hibernian Way
Duke Lane Upper

T: ( 01) 679 6260
E: hello@lemonandduke.ie
W: lemonandduke.ie


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