Lemon & Crunchie Honeycomb Pots Recipe by Sheila Kiely

Lemon Crunchie Honeycomb Pots Sheila Kiely

This is a dessert for the time-pressed cheesecake lover – the kind of person who doesn’t prepare things the night before and doesn’t like to wait while things set or bake. This can be served immediately or chilled in the fridge if prepared ahead of time. If you can get hold of some small glass jars or ramekins for serving, you’ll get the wow factor of being able to see the layers from the side.

Makes 6


– 3 x Cadbury Crunchie bars (half a Crunchie bar per pot)
– 250g mascarpone cheese or cream cheese
– 1 tbsp icing sugar
– 1 tbsp runny honey
– ½ tsp lemon juice
– 350ml freshly whipped cream
– Toasted hazelnuts, to decorate
– Lemon zest and slices, to decorate


1. Place the Crunchie bars in a sandwich bag and bash them with a rolling pin until they’re crumbled.
2. Mix the cheese, icing sugar, honey and lemon juice in a large bowl, then gently fold in the whipped cream.
3. Assemble your cheesecake pots by scattering a layer of Crunchie crumbs into the base of six small glass jars, then a layer of lemon and honey mascarpone. Repeat the layers up to the top of the jar.
4. Bash some toasted hazelnuts and scatter them on top. Add a little lemon zest and half a lemon slice on the side of the pot to decorate


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