What To Do With Leftover Wine

What To Do With Leftover Wine

We, at ely, would argue that leftover wine is somewhat of a myth. However, I do understand that sometimes you are faced with some leftover wine and the thoughts of throwing it down the sink might pain you, and quite rightly so! Therefore, I’ve put together a few useful tips, cooking being the most obvious, on what to do with the remains from the bottom of the bottle.

  1. Freeze Please –Why not fill an ice cube tray with your leftover wine and pop it straight in the freezer. Now you can use a cube or two for cooking whenever you need to.
  2. Wine Syrup –This rich syrup is a little bit tangy and not dissimilar to Balsamic vinegar. In a wide saucepan, combine red wine with sugar (3 cups wine to 1 cup sugar), bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer until syrupy and reduced to about a third of the volume. Let cool, bottle, and refrigerate. Simmering the syrup with cinnamon or vanilla makes it sweet and delicious enough to use on pancakes or with ice cream
  3. Save For Mulled Wine Season – Put leftover red wine into a freezable container and keep for use during the winter months. Empty the frozen wine into a large pot;add spices such as cinnamon sticks and a spoonful of whole cloves. Melt wine over medium heat, then sweeten to taste with honey, sugar, or apple juice. Simmer for 10 minutes. Serve in glasses with citrus slices.
  4. Poaching –Soft foods taste amazing when poached  in wine flavored with aromatics and spices. White wine suits eggs and fish while sweetened red wine is perfect for poaching fruit.
  5. Salad Dressing –Leftover white wine makes for a flavoursome, fresh-tasting salad dressing. Blend wine, lemon juice, honey (if wine is sweet, leave out the honey) salt, and pepper in a bowl. Still blending (either with a fork, whisk, or the blender), slowly add olive oil. Voilà!

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Award-winning Sommelier Ian Brosnan is ely’s executive wine manager.As one of Ireland’s best known and respected wine personalities, with numerous awards such as Best Sommelier in Ireland and Wine Personality of the Year to his name, Ian happily shares his years of experience and knowledge with thetaste.ie.


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