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Kuvée, the Hi-Tech Wine Gadget with a Touch Screen and Wi-Fi
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Kuvée, the Hi-Tech Wine Gadget with a Touch Screen and Wi-Fi

A Boston based startup has recently launched a wine gadget named Kuvée, a wi-fi enabled bottle which features an interactive screen, allowing consumers to rate the wines, find out its temperature at any given time and learn about the producer or about suggested pairings.

The system is comprised of an outer casing bottle with a touch screen, and special aluminium 75cl wine canisters, which are placed inside. Kuvée claims that this prevents the wine from oxidation, and keeps it fresh for up to 30 days. At the moment, a total of 48 different wines are available, but the offer is expected to reach 100 wines in 2017, with the addition of European producers.

Besides providing information to the consumer, Kuvée is also a valuable tool for wine makers, as it allows them to access the ratings and data such as the date in which their wine was drunk.

Kuvée costs $249 and the aluminium canister wines compatible with the system range between $15 to $50.

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