Join Kraken Spiced Rum for a Halloween Spooktacular Screamfest


This Halloween, Kraken Black Spiced Rum is gearing up to host a fright night of film of fun at The Kraken Screamfest. The event is taking place on Wednesday 31st October in The Sugar Club and is set to be a festival of fearsome film.

The myth of the legendary Kraken sea monster will be brought to life through film, with ‘Horrors From The Deep’ bringing guests on a dark and twisted journey as they immerse themselves in a horror film from the deepest corners of the ocean. This will be a surprise film chosen by horror film fans on Kraken Rum Ireland social media.


Film fanatics joining the Kraken Screamfest will experience a film fright night like no other, where guests can undergo a sea-themed scary makeover at the Kraken Horror Parlour.

On the night there will be a spine-tingling selection of cocktails, including The Perfect Storm signature cocktail, as well as some spooky surprises along the way.


Kraken Black Spiced Rum is named after the myth of the Kraken sea beast. Imported from the Caribbean and blended with Kraken’s secret spices. It has a distinctive black colour that reflects the mysterious ink with which the monster covered its prey.

Legend has it that one of the biggest shipments of black spiced rum ever to be exported from the Caribbean islands never reached its destination. Although no story was ever confirmed, it is widely believed that the Kraken is responsible for the disappearance.

Barrels carrying the black spiced rum drifted from the ship into the ocean, and the rum was named after the Kraken to pay respect to its power.

The Kraken Screamfest comes just after Kraken’s Freaky Tiki Pop Up in 22 Montague Lane, and promises to be just as exciting.

Tickets for this spooktacular event cost just €20 and include two Kraken Rum cocktails. They are available on Ticket Tailor.

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