Kevin Thornton Releases Album to Celebrate Thornton’s Restaurant Anniversary

Throughout his career, Ireland’s gastronomical genius Kevin Thornton has never failed to surprise and delight. His latest venture, 25X4 Autumn, is yet another example that takes our senses on a wonderful culinary journey.

Created by Kevin and Muriel Thornton in celebration of the 25 year anniversary of Thornton’s Restaurant, 25X4 Autumn is the first in a unique series of 4 albums (each album will represent a season).

Presented in the unique format of a vinyl pressing, the album offers an insight into Kevin’s brilliantly creative mind and the training and inspiration behind some of his iconic dishes. The gatefold album includes a white 12” vinyl, a downloadable code and a 12-page booklet featuring some of Kevin recipes.

Recorded ‘a la minute’, Kevin shares his love for nature and gives the listener a unique insight into his love of, and pride in, the bountiful resources of Ireland’s natural landscape that help create his masterful dishes.

25×4 Autumn is available from Tuesday December 8th from Thornton’s Restaurant for €25. Telephone 01 478 7008.



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