This Beautiful Villa in Kenya Offers a Unique Bird’s Eye View of the African Plains


A beautiful new property in Kenya brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘bird’s eye view’, given its uncanny resemblance to a bird’s nest.

The villa at Segera Retreat is located in the heart of a popular safari location, renowned for its rich density of wildlife and animal conservancies.

Boasting 360-degree views of a nearby river and plains as far as the eye can see, the villa is built using tree branches that have been woven into a nest, so you’ll perfectly blend into the landscape.


While the outside may have the natural charm, the inside of the villa is more of a luxurious affair, with solar heated running water, and a fully equipped bathroom (impressive for being so secluded in nature).

Lucky visitors to the villa will arrive just before sunset and be greeted with enchanting lanterns, champagne and a picnic-style dinner perched atop your nest.

The next morning, enjoy a picnic breakfast while watching the elephants, giraffes and other wildlife go about their morning rituals.

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