Keep Your Cool This Summer with M&S’s New Frozen Dessert Collection


Can’t afford that trip to the Mediterranean this summer? Never mind, you can refresh and get a taste of the Med with M&S‘s new frozen dessert collection.

With flavours such as Strachiatella Gelato with dark chocolate pieces or Tiramisu Gelato made with Marsala wine swirled with coffee sauce, chocolate and sponge cake piece their authentic gelato collection brings a taste of Italy to M&S.

For something fresh and fruity try the new sorbets or frozen yoghurts. Choose from a refreshing Sicilian Lemon Sorbet or a sin-free Greek Style Peach & Apricot Swirl Yoghurt with less than 3% fat.

It seems M&S customers are already stocking up with sales of ice cream, gelato and sorbets up 55% on the year.

The new collection is available from selected M&S stores now.

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