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Photo Martina Regan
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Jess Murphy Announced as Resident Chef for Meadows and Byrne

The award winning Kai Cafe + Restaurant has teamed up with the iconic Irish retailer Meadows and Byrne to bring fun and inventive recipes, cooking tips and food advice to their shared audience of culinary enthusiasts, foodies and home chefs.

Kai’s co-owner and head chef Jess Murphy will feature on her own page of the Meadows and Byrne website, presenting her favourite recipes, sharing inspirational how-to videos and offering professional tips and advice in her “Ask the Chef” column.

Jess will also join Meadows and Byrne in sharing her passion for seasonal cooking and local Irish food producers through the various channels of social media.

“I am very excited to begin this journey with Meadows & Byrne. They were a very natural choice for me and Kai, as we use all their beautiful dishes, cutlery and table settings in-house for our food styling and photo shoots. Kai is all about supporting local, whether that be local to Galway or local to Ireland. Meadows and Byrne have been central to the Irish retailer sector for over 20 years and we love what they offer across all their stores” explained Jess.

For all things Kai at Meadows and Byrne, log onto

Photo Martina Regan

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