Jameson Black Barrel Gets a Stylish Makeover

Jameson Black Barrel Gets a Stylish Makeover

Jameson Black Barrel’s new design reflects the rich history of the world’s No. 1 Irish Whiskey brand: an uncovered tapered neck bottle allows you to see the cork, protected by an authenticity seal, underneath it, a black label nods to the double charred barrels that give the whiskey its name, while a finger print of charcoal across the label evokes the artisanal qualities of the expression. The new bottle design is used across the family of Jameson premium whiskeys that celebrate the rich heritage of Jameson, including Jameson Crested.

Brian Nation, Head Distiller at Midleton Distillery, comments: “Jameson Black Barrel tells a wonderful story within the history of Irish Whiskey making – one that we want to celebrate on every single bottle. The re-stage of Jameson Black Barrel is an exciting step as we continue to excite consumers in Ireland who are looking for Irish Whiskeys rich in heritage and personality and crafted to perfection.”

Inside the new image, there is a “complex, spicy whiskey”, says Brian, who hopes to “inspire Irish Whiskey fans to learn more about Jameson, its heritage and craft production methods as they enjoy Jameson Black Barrel.”

Jameson Black Barrel Gets a Stylish Makeover

We tasted Jameson Black Barrel and while an elegant box and its new attractive labeling which will make it an excellent present (even if it’s just from you to yourself), the content is what will keep you coming back to it.

A bright gold spirit with a powerful mix of sweet vanilla, warm spice and toasted nuttiness evoked a freshly baked cinnamon bun. On the palate, banoffee came to mind as the fruit and the caramel combined just as in the famous dessert. The sweetness is balanced by a toasted wood background, reminder of the double charred barrels used for its making.

Jameson Black Barrel is made of a blend of ‘small batch’ grain whiskey, distilled just once a year at Midleton, and traditional Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey matured in a combination of American oak, sherry casks and bourbon barrels.

It works as a sipping whiskey or on the rocks. If you are going for a cocktail, it will make a beautiful Old Fashioned and its sweet and spicy character will also go well with citrus flavour or in the summer perfect mint julep.

Jameson Black Barrel is available with an RRP of €47.19 (70cl bottle, 40% ABV).

For more information visit jamesonwhiskey.com

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