Jack Cody’s Hail Glorious Saint Patrick – Craft Beer Review

Jack Codys Hail Glorious Saint Patrick Craft Beer

If you fancy a festive tipple this March 17th, then you could do a lot worse than this tribute beer to the most Irish Welsh man there ever was, from the lads out at Drogheda’s Jack Cody’s brewery; Hail Glorious Saint Patrick.

Describing the patron saint of Ireland as “Welsh man, hill walker, pest controller, snappy dresser & evangelist, Saint Patrick was a gentleman, he came from dacent people,” it’s clear the folks behind this Hail Glorious Saint Patrick brew are equipped with as much of a sense of humour as they are a talent for knocking out a tasty beer.

This fine stout pours like cola, with a bit of carbonation and a quickly dissipating head. However, although this may be a tongue tingler to start it gives way to a sweet, smooth vanilla flavour. It’s a light stout but with real deep flavour.

Hail Glorious Saint Patrick is clearly a seasonal offering, which is a shame as it’s one I’d be happy to pick up again and again through out the year. Bualadh bos to Jack Cody’s for a crackin’ festive beer.


Jack Cody’s Hail Glorious Saint Patrick is available for a limited time only, priced at €2.55 for a 33cl bottle at www.obrienswine.ie/jack-codys-all-hail-st-patrick, and other stockists nationwide.


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